Church life

Response Time is time set apart after hearing God's word for children to interact with the Bible story presented. This time is important as it provides the time and space necessary for children to process what they have heard and begin to reflect, question and understand God's word and its impact on their lives.

Each week are 2-3 choices available for the children to choose from. Since a well-rounded life in Christ fosters both active and contemplative patterns of discipleship, we offer both individual options and group activities. The activities suggested are designed to reinforce the concepts taught in the lesson. They are not driven by results or finished product but by process and relationship, so slow down and enjoy this time together.


Response time also gives teachers time to interact with the child. This is a very important time of affirmation and relationship building. As teachers, we build relationship as we come alongside the children reflecting on the story, drawing children into conversation, caring about their lives and listening to them, and encouraging them to grow in faith and strengthen their relationship with God.


For younger children there are only a few options for response given each week. For older children there may several options given including group work. Often the children have some ideas of their own!


Some of the common response activities we do include:


  1. Draw: Draw picture of the story.
  2. Write: Write all the big words of the story on the paper. Color the words. Make a web. Write a Poem. Write out scripture or memory verse. Make a comic strip. Write a journal entry as if you were a character in the story.  Write a Prayer. 
  3. Sculpt: Make a 3D object with Playdough. Build a flat pictures on small squares of cardstock with Plasticine.
  4. Play:  Interact and play with teaching materials and other wooden figures to re-tell the story of the day and make connections to other stories
  5. Act: Act out the story with costumes. Create a Puppet Show, a series of photo tableaus, or a stop motion film with figures. 
  6. Listen: Listen to a song as you read the lyrics or draw a picture.
  7. Read: Offer the kids good Children's Bibles and Picture books. Here is a list of books we enjoy.
  8. Pray: Sit and think and pray.