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Rev. Sean Love


Rev. Sean serves as Rector at St. John's Richmond Church in Richmond, B.C. He is a Vancouverite by birth and trained in geography and high school education. He lived in New Mexico for nine years where he was a youth minister and High School teacher. Sean returned to Vancouver in 2002 and completed his MDiv at Regent College, as well as an internship with Artizo. He is married to Penny and has three sons, Graham, Thomas, and Dylan.

Sean has a few hobbies, none of which are coffee. He likes trains, planes, and automobiles (and, ok, ships), is an avid sailor, has driven tour buses, enjoys exploring God's creation, and appreciates good urban design.

Guy Bellerby


Guy is married to Peggy, and they have 3 children, 3 grandchildren, and one dog.
He loves to teach from the Bible, the ministry of evangelism, and the Anglican way of Christian faith. Guy has served in churches in Vancouver, North Delta, Saskatchewan, and Vancouver Island. He trained at both VST and Regent College, but credits his 5 years with Inter-Varsity as his most formative ministry training - he and Sean were together as leaders at Pioneer Pacific Camp.
Guy plays acoustic guitar, enjoys watching film, baroque music, books, and swimming laps at lunchtime.

Kirsten Vint


Kirsten brings abundant creativity and joy to the Pre-School age group, as well as overseeing the Nursery. She helps the children hear the big Bible story by using interactive, tactile props and crafts.

Krista Carter, Music Minister


Krista brings passion and expertise to our Sunday worship, helping the congregation to give glory to God through classic and contemporary music and the multiple music gifts of the church. Krista was raised in Kelowna, is also a trained teacher, is married to Nathan and has two daughters.

Penny Love


Penny teaches the intermediate children in Children's Church. Penny develops a custom program for this age group that emphasizes both the big story of the Bible and the theological main points that come from it. She uses crafts, drama, song, and digital media to help kids learn and reflect on the Bible.

Laurie Bakken


Laurie leads the primary age level in SJR's Children's Church. She works to design and carry out an age-appropriate, hands-on, reflective curriculum, all in the context of worship.

Friecca Kurniawan


Friecca ensures our books are in order.