Church life

Childrens' art projects


Root cause

Two girls worked on this poster. The background was done with watercolor and the figures were projected onto black paper and then cut out and glued onto the background. The girls then added the leaves and flowers with acrylic. The serpent was made from paper and added on to the poster at the end.


Great catch

A grade 2-3 art work based on an illustration from a Children's Bible picture – every fish, person and boat is made separately on cardstock and glued to the poster board painted with the background.


Preschool watercolor

For this poster, a teacher enlarged a clip art image onto poster board with permanent marker. Her preschool class then filled in the image with watercolor paint.


Lost sheep

A grade K-1 class made a poster of Jesus the Good Shepherd who comes to seek the lost. The children put 99 thumb prints on a pre-painted background with acrylic paint. One boy drew and coloured the figure of Jesus with the 100th sheep in his arms.


Word-based art

For some children drawing can be intimidating but decorating words is easy. We use word-based art when teaching a concept or learning a memory verse. By writing out the memory verse a child meditates on scripture and learning it becomes easier. These memory verse cards become treasures as they are taken home and posted on bedroom walls or the fridge for everyone in the family to know and learn.


Catechism memory work

Word art used in teaching catechism memory work.


Four Pentecost banners

These four Pentecost banners were made using a technique found on the website That Artist Woman. They were made with white fabric, blue Elmers school gel glue, and acrylic paint.


Ten Commandments unit

A wall hanging we made after our Ten Commandments unit. In groups of two the children glued paper onto wooden board and then added a number and what the commandment meant. For example, #3: Respect God's Name, #6: Nurture Life and #7: Marriage is Special.


Let the children come to me

Drawn by the little ones group. The key message is Jesus' love and welcome for his children. The artwork illustrates this truth in a way they can understand. Click on artwork to see the whole picture.