The Bible is the most published book in human history, a foundational document of western civilization, and the basis of Christianity, but it remains widely under-read and misunderstood. This one-day workshop is a brilliant way to understand how the whole Bible fits together as one coherent story. Developed at St. John's Richmond beginning in 2009, the BIAD Seminar has travelled to over 40 churches. Come to our next Bible-in-a-day workshop.

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What is Bible-in-a-day?

Bible-in-a-day is a live seminar with one or two presenters. It can be tailored for participants aged youth to adult, and for ESL learners. Each person receives a well-designed workbook with ample room to take notes.


Bible-in-a-day is a concise way of exploring the Bible. Throughout the seminar, we look at the key people, events, dialogue and narrative that communicate God’s grand plan and purpose to people in every age. The sections include:

  • what is the Bible
  • how the Bible came to be
  • how to read the Bible
  • the Bible’s major themes

Bible-in-a-day is configurable for retreats, or a 5 to 10 week course meeting one evening a week.

Quotes from past participants

“It was great to see and understand the connections between the Old and New Testaments and to see God’s promises being fulfilled through the lens of the cross.

“The timeline about the history of Israel will help me get a better grasp of God’s activity in the middle of His people.

“You did an inspired job of abstracting the essentials from the greatest adventure story of all time and all space so we don’t lose track of the essential plot and the main and essential characters.

“It was a revelation to me to see how it all fits so perfectly: kingdom from first to last; kingship and love for His creation.

“Charts were very helpful for organizing timelines.

“Overall a great help. Bible-in-a-day helped place all I’ve learned in a better context and place it all in order. A great presentation, very helpful. Much to think and pray about and for.

“It helped me understand the Bible in a new and exciting way.