Church life

We believe that the Bible is God's written Word, inspired and authoritative, true and trustworthy, coherent, sufficient for salvation, living and powerful as God's guide for belief and behavior. Therefore, the use of the Bible in our Children ministry is unquestionable.


Our lessons are a Montessori-inspired program based on the books of Sonja Stewart which engages children with sacred story, liturgy and the life of Jesus. Our goal is to creatively engage children in the wonder of the Biblical story in order that they might know who God is and what He has done for them.


See some pictures of how we present stories on Flickr.


Since every child has a unique learning style and engages with new information in different ways, our Children Ministry seeks to actively and creatively immerse children in the Bible. We believe it is important to interact with children in a way that involves their mind, emotions, spirit, imagination and body. Therefore, we participate in activities such as singing, drawing, acting, reading, speaking, listening, asking questions and playing games. Engaging the children using many different methods helps to reinforce and embed biblical truths in their lives and draws them deeper into a relationship with God and worship of Him.