Find pleasure and deeper connection. Help us serve others. (We'll give you training if you need it!)



Able to serve coffee and tea and snacks while at the same time having a conversation with many people who love what you’re serving? Then this is a great team for you. As Christ has shown hospitality to us (by welcoming us into His family, His kingdom), we are passionate about showing hospitality to one another.


Prepare the Communion Table

When we have a Communion service, the table needs to be set, which means it also needs to be cleaned up. This is the beautiful service of preparing the bread and wine for the ‘family supper.’ In this meal, by faith, we enjoy communion with God and one another through Christ's sacrifice.


Sound board

For the technically-minded, we use a multi-channel soundboard. We need people who can adjust the levels, tape the sermon, and help with occasional special events.


Welcome table

Help people feel welcome on Sunday morning! The Welcome table team is the “front door” of St. John's Richmond. Help fold bulletins, greet people, show the way, answer questions, and make a connection with someone new.


Join a team - Choir

Love to sing with others?  Contact Krista Carter to find out what's going on with our choir.  


Help us distribute bread

Every Thursday night SJR volunteers pick up unsold bread from Cob's Bakery, sort and bag it, and distribute it to those in need.


Teaching children

One of the most creative and compelling places to be on a Sunday morning is with our children's ministry. They continually amaze us with their observations and what we learn from them is often as profound as what they learn from us. Serve as a helper or a teacher. Training provided; interview and background check required.


Help lead the youth

Join us helping our youth grades 6-12 as they discover a deeper relationship with Jesus. Nurture and train youth to be passionate about Jesus, love and serve Him, and enjoy Him forever. Training provided, interview and background check required.


Media + Communications

Understand facebook, MailChimp, WeChat and Google+?

We need occasional help with event marketing and communications, and regular help with our online communications.


10th Anniversary celebration

On January 22nd, 2017 we celebrated 10 years as a church in Richmond. We thank God for his kindness to us! See some photos and greetings linked to this page.


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